Doctors Have Named Six Good Habits That Are Actually Bad

Good Habits That Are Actually Bad

Experts believe that hand disinfection can weaken the immune system

Do not overeat, drink water and keep your back straight – familiar rules? They are considered useful, but doctors are sure that this is not entirely true. The portal ” welcome2health” reports on what myths about healthy habits are firmly entrenched in people’s heads.

1. Cream from ultraviolet rays

Dermatologists and cosmetologists from all sides persuade a person to use sun cream, but is it as safe as everyone thinks? It turned out that in this tool there is something much more dangerous than sunlight – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as well as PABA and triethanolamine salicylate.

2. Fasting days

Everyone has heard about fasting days and how they are useful, but scientists have a slightly different opinion about this. So, experts are sure that unloading is necessary only in case of poisoning, since in this case the body needs to remove toxins as quickly as possible. Healthy people will only weaken their immunity.

3. A glass of water before meals

To maintain a slim shape, people are often advised to drink water before eating. This supposedly helps not to overeat. Although in fact, doctors believe that water before meals only harms digestion. Maximum – you can drink a warm cup of tea.

4. Sports every day

Daily physical activity is essential, but doing a hundred push-ups every day or even just going to the gym can be fatal. The human body has a resource and wears out over time, but if you allow it to recover, a person will feel much better.

5. Antibacterial gel

With the onset of cold weather, the townspeople actively use protection against viruses, and some even wipe their hands at any opportunity. An antibacterial gel has become one of the most popular means for this, but sterility is not at all a guarantee of health. Constant disinfection reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, and gels dry the skin and make it rough.

6. Keep your back straight

The most common misconception is that sitting upright is correct. Of course, bending into three deaths is also bad, but sitting still at attention is not at all as useful as everyone thinks. Posture support causes unnatural muscle tension and damage to the spine. The best choice here will be an orthopedic chair that will keep your posture “for you”.

By the way, there is an opinion that the so-called healthy eating, which is promoted by all sorts of experts, is certainly useful. However, many of the rules for a healthy lifestyle are actually outdated or have been disproved by science. Read more about this here.

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